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Judicial Error: Intervening or Superseding Cause in Malpractice?

There is no such thing as actionable judicial malpractice, that is, a judicial officer cannot be sued for making an erroneous legal ruling.

But, what is the relationship between attorney malpractice and judicial error, more specifically, under what circumstances should an attorney be relieved of liability for professional negligence where the attorney’s negligent act or omission […]

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Who Has the Burden of Proof in Challenging A Massachusetts Contingency Fee Agreement?

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By Charles P. Kazarian of Charles P. Kazarian on Tuesday, June 18, 2013.

In a recent unpublished Rule 1:28 decision the Massachusetts Appeals Court has ruled that when the reasonableness of contingent fee agreement is at issue, the attorney has the burden to […]

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Lawyer and Client Can Be Held “Jointly and Severally” Liable for Legal Fees
Sometimes, an opposing party can recover legal fees incurred for responding to a frivolous filing. It is now settled in Massachusetts that such a fee recovery can be had against both the frivolously filing party and his/her lawyer. That is, upon the right […]

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