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Family Business Disputes

Legal Solutions for Family-Owned Businesses

I grew up in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, where my father and grandfather ran a small, family-owned home heating oil business. My family instilled in me an abiding respect for the small business person and the values perpetuated as a family business is passed between generations.

Today, as a business litigation attorney at the Law Office of Charles P. Kazarian in Boston, Massachusetts, I am also aware of the struggles the small business owner encounters in the challenging economic conditions we face. I have successfully represented numerous family business owners and currently act as general counsel to Narva & Company, LLC, one of the best-known family business consulting practices in the United States.

My law practice covers the broad spectrum of disputes that may arise in a family-owned business, including:

  • Ouster of a family member (sometimes referred to as freeze-out)
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Appropriation of corporate opportunity
  • Business torts
  • Violation of the company operating agreement or charter
  • Excessive compensation
  • Bad faith termination of employment
  • Succession disputes

Family business issues are often more about psychology than the law or contracts. To represent your interests, your lawyer has to look to the heart of the matter as well as the personalities involved. Sometimes family business disputes are not even about money, even though money may be the only way to create an outcome.

I have known attorney Charles Kazarian and worked closely with him for more than 20 years in the field of advising family members of very large family businesses. When such enterprises are in trouble, it takes deep insight, experience, training and sensitivity to the social issues that permeate families to well-serve their owners and family members. Attorney Kazarian demonstrates all of these traits. For this reason, he is counsel to Narva & Company, which has an international client base of family businesses in many industrial and marketing sectors of the economy. He was also general counsel to the prominent family business consulting firm, Genus Resources, for his fine work in helping clients to achieve their goals of restoring justice and equilibrium to their enterprises.
—Richard L. Narva, Founder and Sr. Advisor, Narva & Company, LLC

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