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Minority Shareholder Freeze Outs

Representing Minority Shareholders Who Are Treated Unfairly

Minority shareholders often find themselves at a disadvantage in their relationships with majority or controlling shareholders in a business. To level the playing field and protect your financial interests, you may need the advice and counsel of an experienced business litigation attorney.

At the Law Office of Charles P. Kazarian in Boston, I represent minority shareholders in family-owned and small businesses throughout Massachusetts and New England in all types of business disputes, including minority freeze-outs and the termination of employment of a shareholder.

Minority Shareholder Freeze-Outs

A freeze-out is a maneuver that is done for the purpose of eliminating a minority shareholder. It can be accomplished using a merger, reverse stock split, share exchange or other maneuver that results in a loss of your shares in the newly formed company. As a result, you would not have any future relationship with the business.

Another way majority shareholders freeze out a minority shareholder is to terminate his or her position in the company. By unfairly depriving you of a job, the majority shareholders can deprive you of your only way of getting a return on your investment.

Shareholders in a corporation have certain rights, regardless of the number of shares they own. As your lawyer, I will protect your rights and ensure you receive fair compensation for your investment.

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